Hello all, this week I’m driving away from the regular story and delving into the creation story of my world. I think this will be a three part post, but depending on how much I ramble, you might get four instead πŸ˜‰

So enjoy!

The Age of Ascension

The Age of Ascension marks the beginning of life, the multiverse, and everything. In the beginning, sparks of life came into existence across the endless Void. These sparks grew with power and eventually ascended into the first gods, known as the Ancients, and it was these beings who created the Inner Realms.

The first and oldest recognised of the Ancients is known as the Knowing Mistress. With her ascension, the pulse of the Multiverse started to beat, slow and steady. This gave rise to the Traveller. He was drawn to her rhythm and in searching for her, he created the Weylines – the flow of energies across the Multiverse that attuned to her music. When they finally met, their dance created the Nexus, from which the multiverse would forever be centred.

The Allfather came next, and in his inspiration created the foundations of the Material Plane that wrapped itself around the Nexus. With the aid of the Lightweaver; the Wildfire; the Veiled Lady; and the Shadowed Prince, the structure of the Material Plane was built. But there was still something missing until the Everstorm came to be, and with her final touch the Material Plane was complete.

The Slumbering, an unknown Ancient of the Void, awoke to the noise of life now pulsing through the Weylines, and in his sleeping wrath he broke the Material Plane, sundering its creation into three planes: the Prime, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell; held together by the Everstorm’s will – the Ethereal Plane. The Sundering sparked the chaos of the elements, which in turn created the Titans of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. From that moment on, the Elemental Planes flowed around the Material Planes, solidifying the boundaries of the Inner Realms.

Although they could not kill the Slumbering, the Ancients sought help from the Tranquil, who used her powers to quieten the pulse that emanated from the Nexus and Weylines, and lulled the God of the Void back to sleep. A time of quiet followed, allowing for the Ancients to rebuild and create life. Within the Prime Material, the Allfather set forth to create the first sentient inhabitants, dragons. They rose up above all other creatures – embracing their strengths and seeking the power of the Ancients. Those successful in their ascension became known as the Elder Gods. Thus ends the Age of Ascension.

Quick Reference: The Ancients:

The Knowing Mistress: Goddess of Time and Fate – Lokaci-Rabo
The Traveller: God of Space and Travel – Fharlanghn
The Slumbering: God of the Void – Ba Kome Ba
The Tranquil: Goddess of the Astral Sea – Eadro
The Allfather: God of Life – Oorun
The Everstorm: Goddess of Death – Iku
The Lightweaver: God of Light – Haske
The Wildfire: Goddess of Colours – Aurelian
The Veiled Lady: Goddess of Shadows – Kyandir
The Shadowed Prince: God of Darkness – Matashi
Elemental Titan of Air –Β Grolantor
Elemental Titan of Earth – Skoraeus
Elemental Titan of Fire – Surtur
Elemental Titan of Water – Thrym

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