Oruka – Who’s who in the Zoo

Merry Christmas from Brazil! That’s right, I went on holiday again, and only now just had a chance to do some more work on the history and theology of Oruka. One thing I’m learning as I do all this, is that my original idea of the story/game/world has changed dramatically… It still has, at its core, the same foundations, but many of the details have changed to better suit the style that me and my friends play. As such, I’ve actually been compiling a bunch of resources into a single document, which I’ll continue to expand as the world grows.

But for now, part 2 of the creation story.

The Age of Creation

The Age of Creation saw the beginning of new life outside of the gods, life that would soon expand across the multiverse. The Allfather was the first to begin this process, creating the first sentient inhabitants of the Prime Material – dragons. From these, the Elders ascended to godhood and created life of their own.

The Prime:

The Prime was, at this time after the Sundering, a round world filled with oceans, archipelagos, and three continents, each with their own mountains, rivers, and diverse biomes. The few remaining sentient dragons were content to each lay claim to large swathes of land. They worshipped the Allfather for a time, until the Elders took the spotlight and created other sentient creatures for them to rule over: together Bahamut, the Metallic, and Tiamat, the Chromatic, mimicked The Allfather’s creations and created the dragonfolk. These creatures spread across the Prime’s lands, dominating everything in the name of their overlord dragons and their Elder Gods.

The Feywild and the Shadowfell:

The Sundering had left the Feywild and the Shadowfell bereft of parts of their “foundation”, and as such became stretched over night and day, bordered between dawn and dusk; where one began, the other ended. The Ancient gods of light and dark, colour and shadow were content to watch over and guide the Elders who took to the Feywild and Shadowfell, thus they created the Fey Court – a council of Elders who would become the creators of the Seelie and Unseelie Fey.

Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, led the council and the project for the creation of the elves. Court members of the Feywild – Beorys, the God of the Wild; Contoo, the Goddess of Nature; Milil, the God of Art and Verse; and Selune, the Goddess of Pride, all supported this project, lending their powers towards the birth of the first elf couple, Corellon and his wife, Hanali. Meanwhile, Luthic, the Goddess of Dusk, saw their creation and wished for her own. So she sought out other members of the Fey Court, Elders of the Shadowfell – Grummsh, the God of Wrath; Shargaas, the Goddess of Deception; Ralishaz, the God of Insanity; and Bhaal, the Goddess of Survival, and together they planned to make her desire come true. When news of Corellon and Hanali’s conception was received, the Elders saw the opportunity at hand and under the guise of blessing the unborn twins, they used their powers to twist and change their fate. Thus, twins were born: a son – Bahgtru, and a daughter – Ilnevu, the first of the orcs.

Over time, these two races would thrive and expand across their respective planes. Corellon and Hanali came to rule the Seelie Fey, eventually ascending into godhood as the Patron and Matron of all elves. Bahgtru and Ilneyu, similarly, came to rule the Unseelie Fey, and to also ascend into godhood, as the Patron and Matron of all orcs. These ascensions were the first to be known as the Spirit Gods. Other sentient creatures were eventually created within the Feywild and the Shadowfell, as the Fey Court paired and grouped together to imbue life into various creations: dryads, ents, satyrs, sprites, boggles, darklings, myconids, and quicklings, to name a few.

The Elemental Planes and the Elemental Chaos:

Chaos eventually stabilises, and after the Sundering the Elemental Titans, Grolantor, Skoraeus, Surtur, and Thrym, created ginormous beings of strength and mind – giants, who were granted dominion. When the elemental Elders arrived, the giants gave them their permission to fill the Chaos with life.

  • The Elders of Air created the aearee races – aarakokras, kenkus, harpys, griffons, hippogriffs, pegasus, etc.
  • The Elders of Earth created the dwarves, as well the basilik, bullette, sathaq worms, etc.
  • The Elders of Water created the batrachi races – bullywugs, kopru, tako, zaratan, tortles, merfolk, grung, kua-toa, sahuagin, etc.
  • The Elders of Fire created kobolds, as well as firenewts, salamanders, dragonleaf trees, ealas, firegiests, etc.

And amongst the borders of the primary elements, more life was created.

  • Desert/Magma – thri-keen, vesiculosa.
  • Tundra/Icelands – quaggoths, yetis.
  • Swamp/Salt – deep scion,
  • Storm/Smoke – firebirds, slow storms, spire walkers.

The Astral Sea and the Outer Realms:

Much to the Ancient’s disapproval and warnings, the Elders spread out across the Multiverse and began to create new planes of existence – known as the Outer Realms. A great many Elders left the Inner Realms to explore the Astral Sea and create their own planes of existence – the Divine Planes. The Elders filled these new planes with a great many more lifeforms, and as these creations grew and expanded their territories, some of the more evil aligned Elders craved dominance over the other planes. Whether for their own greed, hatred or jealousy of another god, or for the good of their creations and disciples, they incited war across the Outer Realms, and eventually, eyes turned back to the Inner Realms. Thus ends the Age of Creation.

Quick Reference: The Elders:

  • Bahamut – The Chromatic
  • Tiamut – The Metallic
  • Mystra – Goddess of Magic
  • Beorys – God of the Hunt
  • Contoo – Goddess of Nature
  • Milil – God of Art and Verse
  • Selune – Goddess of Pride
  • Luthic – Goddess of Dusk
  • Grummsh – God Wrath
  • Shargaas – Goddess Deception
  • Bhaal – Goddess of Survival
  • Moradin – the Bearded God
  • Yondalla – Goddess of Lust
  • Sekolah – Goddess of Sorrow
  • Ralishaz – God of Insanity
  • Xona – Goddess of Chaos
(not all of them though)

Oruka – The history of Life, the Multiverse, and Everything

Hello all, this week I’m driving away from the regular story and delving into the creation story of my world. I think this will be a three part post, but depending on how much I ramble, you might get four instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

So enjoy!

The Age of Ascension

The Age of Ascension marks the beginning of life, the multiverse, and everything. In the beginning, sparks of life came into existence across the endless Void. These sparks grew with power and eventually ascended into the first gods, known as the Ancients, and it was these beings who created the Inner Realms.

The first and oldest recognised of the Ancients is known as the Knowing Mistress. With her ascension, the pulse of the Multiverse started to beat, slow and steady. This gave rise to the Traveller. He was drawn to her rhythm and in searching for her, he created the Weylines – the flow of energies across the Multiverse that attuned to her music. When they finally met, their dance created the Nexus, from which the multiverse would forever be centred.

The Allfather came next, and in his inspiration created the foundations of the Material Plane that wrapped itself around the Nexus. With the aid of the Lightweaver; the Wildfire; the Veiled Lady; and the Shadowed Prince, the structure of the Material Plane was built. But there was still something missing until the Everstorm came to be, and with her final touch the Material Plane was complete.

The Slumbering, an unknown Ancient of the Void, awoke to the noise of life now pulsing through the Weylines, and in his sleeping wrath he broke the Material Plane, sundering its creation into three planes: the Prime, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell; held together by the Everstorm’s will – the Ethereal Plane. The Sundering sparked the chaos of the elements, which in turn created the Titans of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. From that moment on, the Elemental Planes flowed around the Material Planes, solidifying the boundaries of the Inner Realms.

Although they could not kill the Slumbering, the Ancients sought help from the Tranquil, who used her powers to quieten the pulse that emanated from the Nexus and Weylines, and lulled the God of the Void back to sleep. A time of quiet followed, allowing for the Ancients to rebuild and create life. Within the Prime Material, the Allfather set forth to create the first sentient inhabitants, dragons. They rose up above all other creatures – embracing their strengths and seeking the power of the Ancients. Those successful in their ascension became known as the Elder Gods. Thus ends the Age of Ascension.

Quick Reference: The Ancients:

The Knowing Mistress: Goddess of Time and Fate โ€“ Lokaci-Rabo
The Traveller: God of Space and Travel โ€“ Fharlanghn
The Slumbering: God of the Void โ€“ Ba Kome Ba
The Tranquil: Goddess of the Astral Sea โ€“ Eadro
The Allfather: God of Life โ€“ Oorun
The Everstorm: Goddess of Death โ€“ Iku
The Lightweaver: God of Light โ€“ Haske
The Wildfire: Goddess of Colours โ€“ Aurelian
The Veiled Lady: Goddess of Shadows โ€“ Kyandir
The Shadowed Prince: God of Darkness โ€“ Matashi
Elemental Titan of Air –ย Grolantor
Elemental Titan of Earth – Skoraeus
Elemental Titan of Fire – Surtur
Elemental Titan of Water – Thrym

Oruka – Final Shenanigans in Lafonde

Upon defeating the Caffe Druid cultists at the temple ruins, the heroes set on back to Lafonde to meet back up with Ged and see that the children got home safely. They returned to much thanks from the new leader of the village and were welcomed to stay for as long as they pleased, especially as the Winter Solstice celebrations were coming up soon…

They spent the next few days in downtime: Kaden taking advantage of the nearby reef and going fishing; Solena getting some special elvish armour made up for her out of moonstone – resistances to non-magical weapons; and Dendrim sought a little guidance from the local herbwoman and trained with shortsword with the keep’s guards. Outside of this they cajoled, they talked to Ged and the locals, and they spent their time in the peacefulness of the nearby woods.

When the Winter Solstice came about, there was much rejoicing in the village. A fair had set up and even the enslaved humans had the day off to partake in the festivities. As the sun began to set a solemn group marched down from the keep, Ged at it’s lead, several guard about, and four prisoners with their heads bowed and being led by ropes. Kaden observed that the prisoners weren’t just human, one was an elf, another a half-elf.

The crowd quietened and Ged’s voice range out, “my people, we come here tonight in celebration, to worship the old gods. Contoo has blessed these lands with a warmer winter, and these criminals will be sacrificed to bless this coming spring.”

Solena pulls a elfman aside, asking him what the prisoners did. His response, “the humans were rioters who opposed milord’s rule, the half-elf burnt his family home down in a fit of rage, and the elf was caught trying to steal from the keep.” They asked no more questions as the festivities started up again and a procession followed Ged out of the town, up past the keep, and to an ancient stonehenge that sits upon a cliff, overlooking the ocean.

By the time they reached the top, it was getting dark. The crowd spread around the outside of the circle, the guards took up positions at the entrance, and Wtyo led each of the prisoners to one of the four large pillar, which contained a small onyx crystal in each of their crest; he tied them there and painted their unresponsive faces. Ged began chanting, and the large onyx crystal that sat embedded into the central pillar began to glow a soft white. Above, the sky was dark: no stars, the moon new.


The ritual reached its crescendo and suddenly four coloured beams of light emerged from the crystals above each of the prisoners – yellow, blue, green, and red, all focused towards the central crystal, which absorbed the lights and refracted them upon the sky, bathing the crowd in a divine light.

Solena, Kaden, and Dendrim watched as what looked to be a figure take shape amongst the aurora before it too burst and spread across the skies. The light pulsed back into the central crystal, then pulsed back out to each of the four pillars flowing into the prisoners and through them, like liquid, essence drained into a stone bowl in the ground beneath their feet. In hushed silence, the scene goes dark except for these four coloured pools, and soon after the crowd begin to light torches and start back up their celebrations with a renewed vitality.

Within the stonehenge, Wyto and Ged collect the newly formed gems and the guards lead the now soulless prisoners away.

A few days pass, the group recovered from their hangovers and their downtime activities, and began to wonder what to do next.

Dendrim was training within the keep yard, Kaden watched, and Solena walked with Ged, discussing the events of the solstice: “That wasn’t Contoo, was it Ged?”

“No my dear, I see I cannot misdirect you like the others here, but that was not Contoo,” the old wizard confessed.

Through a short stare down and a few pointed questions, Ged explained, “That was Aurelion, the Goddess of the Skies. She was not banished by the Ancient ones, and so visits her Godstone and has bestowed us with her blessings.” Looking unashamed, “my dear, the elves in these regions have long worshipped Contoo. It was the only way to rally them against the tyrant that sat here before me, and it worked! They may believe the offerings we give are for Contoo, but let me tell you, Contoo already has enough. The old and forgotten gods, like Aurelion, deserve them more.”

An alarm rings out in the distance and the guards call down from the wall, “RAIDERS! RAIDERS ATTACKING THE TOWN!” The guys all move to a vantage spot and see heavily armoured soldiers riding draconic mounts racing through town, a few already at the base of the hill and climbing.

Solena, knowing that it is her people rush out of the gate before it closes, followed by Kaden and Dendrim. Kaden runs past, jumping a ledge and hiding amongst some shrubbery. Dendrim casts Entangle, summoning rapid growth in the plants before the riders, trying to constrict their mount’s movement.

Halting 30 feet back, Sir Rhogar, the tallest of the dragonborn here, lifts his helm and shouts to Solena, “Relic! You have led us on a wild chase, but must return with us now!”ย Upon her refusal, Sir Darko, a broad-shouldered red dragonborn, moves forward, “Please child, we must go back to the homeland – our mission has ended.”

(Backstory catchup: Solena travelled from Erekusu with these Scorched Knights to parley with the locals of the Yarrawong continent, and discover what secrets the people here hold. Eventually they should return home, and with the information they bring, the Holy Order will set out to purge those lands.)

Rhogar nods to Squire Kriv, the smaller, black dragonborn knight, who begins to cast Sleep on Solena. Resisting, she shots a firebolt back at him. Kaden rushes out, making a sneak attack on Rhogar, while Dendrim plantshapes into his wooden form. Ignoring Kaden, Rhogar charges to Solena and grapples her onto his mount. Darko shouts out, “please, please, we only come for Solena!”

Two other Scorched Knights charge towards the keep gate where a formation of elves have taken up position with spears held aloft. Kriv begins attacking Kaden, trampling him with his mount. Kaden attacks back, knocking Kriv clear to the side, and then turns back to Rhogar, who is struggling keenly as Solena fights back.

Dendrim seeing this, casts levitate on Solena, making both her and Rhogar (still holding on) float into the air. This fight lasts another round more, until Darko steps in, “Rhogar! If she chooses to stay, it is the will of Oorun, let her stay.” And with that, Rhogar turns his mount, charging straight toward Kaden, who jumps out of the way. Darko looks to Kriv, orders everyone to fall back.

I know it was a long one this time! But a lot to cover and plenty to tell ๐Ÿ™‚ Next time, the players return to Alafia. As always, if you want to know more, just let me know!