Hello my random internet dwellers,

Firstly, I apologise for not having written anything in maybe 4 months?! It started off due to a busy period with family, my sister’s wedding, work load, game time, and starting up martial arts. Leaving me with very little time and energy. But I’m forcing myself now to write this, in order to catch up on what’s happened as after nearly a month of alternative side games, we will be continuing on along the main campaign.

Upon reviewing this, I just realised I didn’t even get past Session 0! So heres a quick recap, that may not be so quick….

After meeting each other and fending off the slavers, the PC’s met with Captain Jaco of the Cliff Precinct city watch. They go on a short quest to discover who was behind the the slaver’s attack on them and whether it is connected to the kidnapping of Dendrim’s (previously Calec, but we were having problems between Calec and Kaden) younger brother. This led the group to quickly infiltrate a caravan leaving the city to the town of Lafonde.

Along the way, they discovered the caravan contained enslaved children, which were on their way to be delivered to the new lord of Lafonde, the wizard Ged. On the way there though, the convoy was stopped by a group of bandits, which they would later find out belong to a cult, called the Caffe Druids. The caravan master, Bert, seemed to know the lead cultist, but an argument ensued resulting in threatening to kill the children; an act that would anger Ged against the cult.

Continuing on, I played a little trickery on the players as they entered the valley that contains Lafonde: a thick fog begins to form, restricting the view around the PCs to about 10 feet. That evening, Kaden decided to take advantage of this and see what he could steal from amongst the wagons. This went poorly, and with a few lies and a little persuading, Kaden managed to only be shackled, instead of killed.

Fast forward to their arrival in Lafonde, Kaden is released and the team go about exploring the city, the fog still thick around them. They discover that Lafonde was previously ruled over by a human lord, until Ged arrived and raised the elvish people against the heretical humans, and reinstated worship to Contoo, the God of Nature’s Blessing.

From there, they actually met with Ged, a surprisingly friendly and elderly elvish man. Kaden was offered a tour of the keep; Dendrim was offered training with the keep’s guard; and Solena requested access to the keep’s chapel, and was informed it has been boarded up since the takeover, but permission was granted though a warning against any worship of Iku.

That’ll be it for this post, and make a second and possibly third recapping the remainder of the events to bring it up to date!

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