It is the 10th day of the 6th month of the year 458 of the 3rd Age of the Retribution Cycle, and our story begins with three unsuspecting people from three totally different paths of life all merging towards the same point: Alafia.

By early afternoon, Calec had reached the city and was following an instinct given to him by the seedling. That was until he reached an out of the way courtyard, where upon he was surrounded by a few thugs hoping to catch a young one for the slave trade.

By gentle coincidence, a tall, tan-skinned man, with two sabres at his waist, stumbled out of one of the alleyways. At the same time, a hooded figure appeared at another entrance, an odd glow emitted from beneath the fabric.

With a little more fluff, this is how I began our Session 0. Technically it should be Session 1, but we had spent the first hour or so just catching up after so long a part, and then discussed a few ideas and changes to rules.

Once that was all done, our heroes faced off against their first foes, and it didn’t go too well…

A little inspiration taken from Studio Ghibli: Tales of Earthsea

Amongst the old courtyard, with a ledge overlooking some parts of the city and a little overgrown in places, one of the thugs shouted out to the two approaching figures, warning them to leave. Obviously, this annoyed Kaden; “how dare you speak to such a renowned pirate?!” He stepped forth and slew the nearest slaver where he stood.

Solina’s turn was where shit went wrong. A simple firebolt, AC 12, and it still missed. It was that slaver’s turn now, and I rolled a natural 20 on a shot against Solina… Sorry! At level 1, the PCs have standard HP, but that crossbow bolt just did it.

One of the remaining thugs rushed forward to take down Kaden, missed, and was in turn killed the next round. While all this was happening, Calec had had a net thrown over him, and when it came to his turn, the crossbowman who took down Solina was crushed to death as one of the stone benches were catapulted his way. The final slaver moved forth to Kaden and managed to knock him unconscious, then turned his attention back to Calec.

Off to the side, an observer rushed over to stabilise Solina. When he noticed her rich clothes and appearance (remember, there aren’t any other tieflings in these lands), he began to tie her up and drag her up.

Calec, the last one standing, gruesomely gutted the slaver focused on him and turned his attentions to the observer. I had pointed out earlier in the session that this guy seemed ordinary, but now paying closer attention, he could notice how similar the garbs were to those that they had just slain.

This slaver, holding the tiefling girl hostage, tried to back away, but Calec was not having any of this; the player described how his PC looked: a young teenage boy dripping in blood and with some kind of vine daggers coming from his arms, slowly walking towards him and threatened him to release her. Hell yeah he fricken released her, wetting himself as he fled.

In the distance, heavy footfalls were heard and fast forwarding a little bit, we come to the introduction of the city watch. They brought them back to guardhouse for healing and questioning, introducing Captain Jaco of the Cliff Precinct.

Cap’ Jaco interviewed them one by one, and came to the conclusion they were on the right side. He asked them for help; the slavers had been more proactive of late, and he believes the Black Thorn Trading Company to be behind this. He can’t prove it though. They have ties high up in the politics and have half the city’s guard precincts bribed. But perhaps if someone off the books could investigate, find some clear evidence, then maybe he could get the permission needed to raid the BTTC and uncover their dirt.

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