I have been thinking I will make Tuesday’s my recap days. Work basically means that I’m busy Monday till Friday, 5am till 7pm, which means I barely get a few hours in the evening to write and prepare. Game nights are different, they are important!

And so, already I write ahead of schedule, making sure to document as much of the games that have passed as I can remember. Thus begins my recaps of Oruka and the stories of Solina the Relic, Kaden the Pirate, and Calec the Seedling.

Leading up to Session 0, I had spent a few weeks discussing with my friends about the world that has come to me, and who they would like their characters to be. This post, will be to give a brief description of my world, and perhaps in the future I will do more posts for various details.


Originally I called it just Donut World, because, well truly I suck at naming stuff… But as you will soon find, I have a tendency to steal words from other languages that I find fit the bill.

For Oruka, the world is an inverted universe, set inside the shape of a donut or tube. Gravity is set to the inside of the tube, regardless of positioning, as the “centre” is the void, or rather “atmosphere”. For those of you who can wrap your head around that idea easily, bravo! When I first thought of it, and even now, I struggle to keep that idea in my head.

There is the Sky Pillar, which holy scripture says holds the skies above our heads and gives Oorun direction. Oorun, the God of flame and life circles the Pillar, his light and shadow creating day and night for all.

There is the Storm Wall, which holy scripture says is both the goddess, Iku, and a prison that holds the demons at bay. Iku, the eternal storm, stretches across the entire outer rim of the donut, preventing the Landward lands from coming into contact with Skyward lands.

Landward, the sky is just that: the heavens as we know it. A sun rotates dawnward to duskward; stars shine brightly at night through the void, moving about in their constellations and occasionally falling. The lands are made of 3 continents and an archipelago:

Imuna, the wild lands. Unchartered, it remains a mystery to the civilised peoples except for in the history books from whence the story of a great nation of Elves once ruled, until it was lost to the beasts at the end of the last cycle.

Sodokan, the fortified. With their borders closed to all, the united nation of Orcs are known only through the rumor of traders and pirates; a harsh land of murder and slavery.

Erekusu, the nine. A series of volcanic and jungled islands, their lands are ruled over by a fanatic holy Order of Dragonborn. Praise be Oorun, the flame that cleanses all.

Yaworan, the civilised. A land of Elves (Edu) and Humans (Nikan) at war for generations past, a war that seems to be finally coming to the end. This is where our players begin, in the neutral lands of Alafia; and this is where the next post will continue.

First political map.png
This is my first political map. Please ignore the fact it’s unfinished ^^

Please let me know what you think, and any aspects you’re interested in.

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