Hello all!

I call myself a writer yet it has been a month now and I am still yet to have posted something here… So this is my first proper post, I guess. What sparked me back to this, was the finding of this blog: Loot The Room, which is a pretty decent RPG/worldbuilding blog, which is just up my alley!

Yes, that’s right. While I did create this blog to post my travel photos and talk about my trips, I chose the name of the blog for the simple reasoning: my passions, interests, and hobbies, are extremely varied, and one thing usually ends up inspiring another and twisting back on itself to inspire it more. Thus, I constantly want to travel, and then write, and then play, and then draw, and then craft, and then travel again, and it goes on and on, and before I realise it, I haven’t shared any of it with the rest of the world.

So, my first official post, will be on Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, it could be on my 6 month trip to Brazil I returned back from over a month ago; it could be the 2 week trip I then took down to Melbourne to see my family and to explore some parts of Australia I had never seen before; it could be my every day life and getting back into the swing of work (and being lucky enough even to find some!); but instead, I’m going to share some of my creativity.

It began about a year and a half ago now, when I started hanging out more with my cousin and her husband, firstly at capoeira (which I must promote at one point!), and then secondly joining his DnD group. I was fairly noob to start off with, interested but a little withdrawn. Still am, to be honest. But after a few one shots, the DM and I got together another group of (fairly noob) people to play on another night, and thus began our Curse of Strahd campaign.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be around to see the end, as my aforementioned trip to Brazil interfered. But, upon my return to Australia, I joined back up with the first group, and coincidentally joined roughly where I left off in the other group’s CoStrahd, as they had begun it as well while I was overseas.

While I will blame my general laziness on having not written a proper post here yet, it would be more true to say that the spark of creativity has crept back within me. I have been building my novel worlds for nearly 10 years now, but an idea came to me and I have been creating an entirely new world, one specifically made for my friends to play in, but one also I hope to create many stories from as an inspirational spark for my other writing.

Oruka - Biomes.png
My terribly drawn world: Oruka.

I’ve decided to do something similar to Loot the Room, detailing my creative processes; as well as kicking my ass into gear for my travel photos! I’ll leave this here for now, but expect more soon!

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